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Main » 2008 » December » 8 » Female fairy tale
Female fairy tale
7:09 PM
The kid grows from one cell.



Somewhere in the world in the small, silent, cosy cave with alive warm and soft walls lived a small fluffy pink lump. He was absolutely small, warm and surprisingly pretty. It was convenient and quiet, soft and worm, joyful and relible in the cave where the pink lump lived. He woke up, ate, played, somersaulted, fell asleep again and woke up again... He somersaulted and floundered in the cave, in the small house as the cosmonaut in weightlessness... And he liked it very much!!! He lived in a cave and all there was good to him, all caused in him feeling of calmness and reliability of the worled, of the cave, which was the unique place which was known to the pink lump. Some time the lump just layed in his cave and listen to the external sounds. Small heart became transfixed in a step to music, the bewitching sounds reaching from outside of his place of dwelling. These sounds were familiar and pleasant. They bewitched the kid and were such native. He heard the noise of the water, flow and murmur of streamlets, rhythmical knocking. And sometimes from apart the gentle voice like a silver streamlet falling falling from the height reached him. During such moments the lump felt something surprisingly warm and soft, native and close, protecting and surprising, nestling to his cave's wall from the outside... It was the most surprising feeling which grasped a lump completely. Then he drew near a place where outside of a cave was a native and warm place, and was sticked there with his nose, pressed to the cave's walls, stroke a cave and smiled to this feelings and spoke, spoke, spoke... But not always was so. Sometimes the other sounds comes up to the gentle lump... Loud and exacting, frightening and disturbing. The lump tried to avoid such sounds.. .. He was hidden in the most dark and silent  corner of the cave where unpleasant sounds could not penetrate...



Time did not stand on a place... The lump grew, became more and more, somersaulted and played more actively and at last he has felt, that the cave began to be small for him. The different sounds, more loud began to reach his cave's walls. The lump behaved as before, listened to sounds which he liked and hidden from the sounds which frightened him. But it became more difficult to be hidden, in fact the lump became more and more and more biger, and the cave  grew together with him, but not so  fast and all became closer and closer for a lump. It was more difficult to somersault for a lump  in it and to be hidden from frightening sounds... Sometimes the lump started to knock on the walls of the cave if unpleasant sounds began fright him. Then he twisted in the cave, knocked in its walls, was hidden and tried to close with handles his small ears...



The lump grew fastly and fastly. It became absolutely closely in a small cave very fast to him... The Lump has learned to be pleased and afflicted, smile and cry, push and to nestle in a wall of the cave. But every day it became closer and closer for him in such habitual world. The lump did not want to leave this soft warm HIS WORLD... But he understood that very soon he will not fitt in this cave, because it's such small and he is already so big... The Lump thought alot, what to do, and could not come to the unequivocal decision - he would not like to leave habitual softness and the warm walls of the cave, but  to wait that one moment he could not even turn in it he did not want too... Every day heard set of the various sounds reaching from the outside. And it became very interesting to him, what is there, behind the walls of the cave? He wanted to see the owner of such strange silver voice which frequently talked to a lump. He wanted to know what nestled to the walls of the cave from the outside and calmed the lump so quickly when it was terrible.. .. But when the kid came closer to the door of the cave it became terrible for him again and he did not dare to leave. Time was run. It was more difficult for a lump to move in the cave, and he started to think of to leave the cave... And here... And in one fine day  the lump-kid decided. He came closer to the door of the cave, opened it, made a deep breath and steped outside...


He was taken by the huge and fine world, and strange trills of a silver voice of a streamlet have filled him with the pleasure. The kid felt himself like loved and desired... The starlet came out in the sky. And at the very same time somewhere on the Earth the small peeping lump thirsting for lives has appeared, aspiring to realize, what kind of world around him.


Instead of an epilogue.

The person is born light. Pure(clean), like not filled up sheet of a paper. His soul is not hazy by the concept  that love can be side by side, beside, with hatred, the despair can transform in a "joyful" cynicism. He grows and comprehends lessons of the Life. More often they are bitter. Perhaps, as a wild heather honey, as the slice of pitch, amber, transparent, similar to the solar tears, or maybe, as a petals of a lilac, which he ate frequently in the childhood to become happy. But in the middle of all this bitterness, as a small grain of sand, HOPE remains in a human heart human. Hope that the light day is ahaid. The belief  that somebody loves him walking alone by the track, lives him for the light. Left in the depth, under a bitterish raid of " wisdom of the Life".


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been a ltlite quiet over here in the land of snark. I've been trying to deal with my crap for the last couple of weeks, but I'm emerging from my fog. The pity party is

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