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Labor, Rest and Nervous System Management
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Develop Psychic Abilities
This education is training on the nervous system management. The education includes the following lectures:
  • Lectures 1-6 – work with the mind.
  • Lectures 7-8 – work with the individuality.
  • Lectures 9-21 – getting familiarized with nerve plexuses and management of nerve plexuses.
  • Lectures 11 & 14 – safety regulations.
  • The last lecture – mastering the health improvement method, examination.
New horizons open – this is the nervous system which is as the third signal system and additional labor organ.
Home researches of the students and the lecturer’s comments are provided after each lecture.

We are learning how to safely manage the nerve currents
Lecture One. How to choose a goal?
Lecture Two. What can I do to achieve the goal?
Lecture Four. What interferes the management of the nervous system and internal work?
Correct direction
Lecture Five. What testifies about the correct line of inner work?
Silent state
Lecture Six. How to develop silent mental state? What is the flaw in character?
Lecture Seven. How to use the nervous system for the criterion of the relationship with God? (with illustrations)
Lecture Eight. Definition of “what Man is” and what role does “I” play for the nervous system?
The Thought
Lecture Nine. How does the nervous system of the man (psyche) accept and formulate a THOUGHT? (with illustrations)
Visual images in the mind
Lecture Ten. Tricky nerve plexus as the criterion of intuition (with illustrations)
Sounds of mind
Lecture Twelve. Temporal nerve plexus as the criterion of intuition or remote hearing
Reason and the goal
Lecture Thirteen. What gives the first triad nerve centers to achieve your goal?
Spiritual helpers
Lecture Fifteen. Search for the answer ‘Who is the near spiritual helper for you?’ on the basis of the first triad of the nerve centers responsible for the sensing criterion and ‘I am’
The speech
Lecture Sixteen. How does the throat nerve plexus influence the speech? Opportunity to get rid of tuberculosis (with illustrations)
Lecture Seventeen. How to change the type of relationship on the basis of cardiac nerve center? Improving cardiovascular activity
The epigastric center
Lecture Eighteen. Research of the epigastric center functions range – from sensing of energy fields to their management
Lecture Nineteen. The negative and positive effects of prostate nerve plexus on the psyche. Bright type of Love
Lecture Twenty. What does the sacral nerve plexus responsible for? Management of the mental state of “knowledge, faith and conviction”
Lecture Twenty-One. Criteria for managing events (events) on the basis of the nervous system
Examination: the 1st relaxation method of LONGEVITY on the basis of the prostatic center functions
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Additional lectures

The first lesson is a choice of the purpose which is clear to an organism and which will be a core in weightless private world of mentality. The purpose can be any. However, it’s require to correctly  choose from this  list of possibilities which are given by mentality of the person. They are more than 100...
Target | Views: 2595 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-10 | Comments (0)

You must to sit down in a quiet room. So, as you comfortable. Better in the evening when there is less  noise, but not before a dream. Close eyes. Put before yourself the purpose...
Search | Views: 2388 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (1)

Day off between lessons is a small rest (break) from everyday practical work with mentality (mind). In day off you have a time fro rest...
BREAK | Views: 2331 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (1)

For execution of this lesson the following problems sequentialy solves:
1) It is internal unresolved problems and the bad external organisation for mental  lessons execution .
2) Not distinction in a mental condition "desire" and goal-setting "decision".
3) The efforts on the purpose achievement directed, more poorly, than speed of a ball of destiny deployment (or external circumstances)...
Obstruction | Views: 2459 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (1)

There some weeks from the beginning of studies in College have passed. What can about correct direction of executed lessons testify? A following phenomenon!..
Correct direction | Views: 2502 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (1)

This lesson consists in achievement of a speechless mental condition (internal intention), expressing the chosen sign speech. In a lexicon of a speechless mental condition, be it Russian, English or Chinese language, symbolical speech appears invariant...
Silent state | Views: 2349 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (1)

The appeal to the God. For example, with the help of a mental condition: "My God, help!" Or:  "what to me to do?" What consider necessary, so and execute, only by means of the speechless condition, used words expressing (last lesson see)...
God | Views: 18327 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (29)

This   lesson  with detection and finding of a monad "I" is connected,  to distinguish  (to disseminate) energy of the nervous system and positively to manage the latent possibilities of an organism further allows. Before we will make definition "What  is a Man".
Individuality | Views: 6687 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (1)

Address with a question (pray) to any spiritual siphons, for example, to the Mother to the Earth, Zeus, Porki (the Greek goddesses of destiny), to Jesus Christ, Mahomet, Sacred, Mriti (Vedic the goddess-joginja of Death), to aliens, for an exception to Logos (the lesson № 7 see)... To Address to modern earthman there is no sense! We will remind, that for interaction "organism-life" the verbal reference  in a silent condition express (the lesson № 6 see)...
The Thought | Views: 13152 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (35)

Day off between lessons is a small rest (break) from everyday practical work with mentality (mind). In day off you have a time fro rest.
BREAK | Views: 1271 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-09 | Comments (2)

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