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2. SOUL .

Let's quote the citation of saint John Damaskin:

Soul - the immortal spiritual beginning created by the God.

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Category: Definition of the GOD | Views: 12786 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (8)


There is a conception about God or gods in all religions (except for the Buddhism). This is alive and personal creatures separated from the nature and concerning the person. There are four proofs of  the God life exists: theological, cosmological, ontologic and moral.


The teleologic proof consists in the purposeful author of the world organization. Cosmological  proof induces us to admit the universal creative for ... Read more »

Category: Definition of the GOD | Views: 3525 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (0)

There are some energy subsystems for physical teleportation which are created by nervous system of the person. 

It  is a tip of nose (see fig. 59) where the energy of the organism forms a sting of a needle, like the iron sawdust around of a magnetic field. The same needles forms the eye bottom at pupils and lower eyelids. Energy of the organism create the focused power field which is able to pierce a substance of time and space. Thus through the formed puncture the physical body is carrying away. The same biofield forms energy of the big, index and a middle finger of a hand (see fig. 88 and 97).


Organism of the person and teleportation

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Category: Psychic potential of the person | Views: 87706 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (168)

The kid grows from one cell.



Somewhere in the world in the small, silent, cosy cave with alive warm and soft walls lived a small fluffy pink lump. He was absolutely small, warm and surprisingly pretty. It was convenient and quiet, soft and worm, joyful and relible in the cave where the pink lump lived. He woke up, ate, played, somersaulted, fell asleep again and woke up again... He somersaulted and floundered in the cave, in the small house as the ... Read more »

Category: Fairy tales | Views: 3527 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (1)