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Main » 2008 » December » 8 » Organism of the person and teleportation
Organism of the person and teleportation
7:18 PM

There are some energy subsystems for physical teleportation which are created by nervous system of the person. 

It  is a tip of nose (see fig. 59) where the energy of the organism forms a sting of a needle, like the iron sawdust around of a magnetic field. The same needles forms the eye bottom at pupils and lower eyelids. Energy of the organism create the focused power field which is able to pierce a substance of time and space. Thus through the formed puncture the physical body is carrying away. The same biofield forms energy of the big, index and a middle finger of a hand (see fig. 88 and 97).


Organism of the person and teleportation


The size of the energy needles reaches the sizes no more a usual sewing needle.

There is one more channel for teleportation. It is formed above epigastric neuroplex (see fig. 73) and it's represents a energy cone with height up to 30 sm and in the basis about 2-5 sm. Energy control of this part of the organism biofield  allowed to travel not only in the universe, but also behind its limits.


It is obvious, that there is a question: who believe, that using of these energy of the organism allows to transfer a physical body from a point A to the point B, on the Earth at least? The average person DOES NOT BELIEVE. Therefore this task has been given to another person: let the organism  will give an answer for this task itself  - what is a physical teleportation or moving through the space.


So it was a girl who has got acquainted with the maintenance of the heart center, with the advanced biofield of the tricky and temporal nervous center.

Here is the results the girl has received.

The purpose: teleportation. Changing of the biofield has started from the pupils. The needle leaving in infinity has grown from the pupils, piercing all and nothing on the way - there is no barrier for it. During this moment I have understood, what the expression “ to throw the lightnings by sight” means,  because I has felt, that I can do it itself.

In some minutes, simultaneously, I have felt inflow of the energy to the tip of my  nose (from the nose bridge and wings of the nose it flows to the tip of the nose and further...) and to palms (I felt it more sharp when I  has connected points 88 and 97 on both hands, when I  touched the place between average and index fingers at the basis by tips of big fingers). Energy were vivifying and bright.

I cannot say anything about density, but I know, that I can pierce everything on my way with a sight, maybe it is what we call space? I wanted to move a pencil on a table with this sight, but I did not risked, because it's too early... And to move from kitchen to a room - it's realy too early, but it's possible!

Now about the channel of the epigastric neuroplex: I had not a cone at all, not classical at least, it was needle too, but not sewing, it was a gipsy needle, about 20-25 sm. At the basis it was 2 mm, and the edge looked like a thin hair and then it comes to nought.

I shall add, that I did not go in to another's Souls (except for that one, in my stone,  at researches of the Tree of  Life, leading in to the world of Mother - Ground)... At last, all changes in the organism were not expressed on the physical plan. But it is expressed in the emotional and energy plan! All transformations in the organism occured naturally. The feeling - to be stunned!..

The following purpose has been seted for the girl: " partial teleportation in the world of the Mother - Ground ". Obviously, reasoning from that the great goddess will support the person from Her ancestral lands.

The following results have been received: 

I wrote about the channel of the epigastric neuroplex. I shall add, that this gipsy needle at the basis has extended, and the end of it has remained extremely thin. Now the basis is about one and a half centimeter in diameter. Plus yesterday the exertion in the parietal neuroplex have been added where the demiruge's ideas comes, for example of the Mothers - Ground.

And now about researches.

  I have set the purpose - teleportation of myself, but thus I did not wanted only, but also I was going to stay at home on the Earth. So, after definition of the purpose for the organism, energy have concentrated on a tip of the nose, at eyeballs and at epigastric neuroplex. And suddenly, I have felt, that something ties me to my house... Energetically, very strongly... (the name for this is vital connections: “ Strings of grey - grey color lasted from a biofield of the person. I have named it vital connections. One of this strings lasted home where  were I father and mother, the house, friends, children's memoirs … ”) . It became terrible to me up to madness to tear that adheres me to a planet, I have physically felt, that if I shall tear now these connections I can lose everything, all contacts to the native planet, I will stop to control the processes, I  cannot return back. Therefore, forgive me, but I did not start to tear connections. But the purpose is exist that, and connections exist too, here is the contradiction has got out... And I  simultaneously appeared  in two places at once, and if to judge by sensations, it was physically. At home in a room, but at the same  time the room is in world of Aikally (Mother - Ground) - it's like imposing of one on another...  It's night time around me. The full Moon. It's silent see ahead of me. I stand barefoot on the wet and cool sand, and there is barefoot women walks on the water on the lunar path opposite to me. She was in the slight aura of light. The mother - ground has smiled and has told: “ Welcome in to my world. How do you feel? Do you like to be here? ” The warm easy breeze started to rise. It fanned me and Aikally. We stood the one opposite to the other - I was on a coast, she was - on a water. We have stretched the hands to each other and have adjoined them. It was a soft and warm touch. Then she has  smiled again: “ it is time to go home for you, your son waiting for you there there, do not leave him alone, he can scarryt... ”... And I found myself at home.


In the next task the explanatories have been made to the girl  and several targets have been setted: 1) to learn to make connections flexible, as an elastic band and delayed from the Earth in to the far Space. Then they return the person back as soon as he carries out the setted target  in the other world. Besides 2) needles of teleportation have property to turn back. It's means that time for returning to the Earth  has come. The person will fall by the portions in itself as a small nested dolls forms a big one. 3) The exertion behind auricles - the nerve ganglion of integrity - will inform about  possible mismatch of the organism, soul and individuality. 4) different representatives of civilizations, negative in particular,  will call soon. The nervous center on cheekbones which specifies feelings causing : dark or light, helps to distinguish them. If these centers in tense, then search for a mental resonance to understand their reason. 5) The following attempts for teleportation to carry out again to Aikally. 6) Then to Logos of the universe. Representatives of  supreme civilizations are deprived of such right because of their high position. And the person - has an opportunity.

So, a result of researches of an opportunity of teleportation of the person was to find a monad "I" which has generated our universe which has no a drop of Darkness. Only PURE LIGHT. And to receive a benediction!.. 

The reader of this dispatch can have a questions: Ideal Light! Where it from, and whom ask about blessing  - the SPARK of LIGHT?..

Besides it can be the following  course of reflections: except what author makes  (or does not do(make)), his followers have to beleive in it anyhow. Even, if in course of step-by-step training this or that skill manages to be developed. There is a question in this connection: author do you beleive that others have possibylity to transform a field? Or do you think that thay operate by Alliga Ter too?

Let me to answer: Alliga Ter does not teach to BELIEF! It teaches to open the potential of the person. These are new hands, legs, bodies of perception and work, using of the third alarm system of the organism as criterion of a reality)...


The obstacle for traveling to the world of Aikally has disappeared for the girl. Dialogue occured gestures, feelings and emotions more often. The mother - ground did not answer questions, she usually showed something.

For example, mountains of Caucasus. There was a Sunrise. The girl and Aikally stood on the top. There was a cold wind. It lifted a dry snow from under female legs. But it was not cold to women. The whole world was below. Probably you will not tell about it better than Vysotsky …

… Here you are on the top, you are happy and dumb

And only a little you envy to those,

Another, for them the top still ahead.

Or other example. The night sea. Warm salty water silently licked ideally straight coastal line. The lunar path left far to horizon...

Above the ocean scarlet sails will rise
And  violin will sing above the ocean.

Not three of  eyes, in fact this not a dream
And a scarlet sail of  truth  is flying  proud,
In that bay where brave Gray  has found the Assol,
In that bay where Assol has waited Gray.

It's  easier to cross the sea with friends,
To eat the salt of sea that left for us,
It would be very difficult to live without friends,
And even  scarlet sail would become grey.


The girl has visited  the world of bidimentional creatures. But there was no purpose to teleport there, but something nevertheless brought her there. The world was as drawn in grey shades. There was a pressing atmosphere and drawn as for cartoon films inhabitants of this world. The grey monster with fang  mouth which has tried to catch a girl at once  was higher than two meters. There was long sibiliant  animal which has spat in the girl (missed). Dark grey plants were higher than human growth and they moved jerky as in animated cartoons. Contours of all these alive essences were backlined with more dark color, - as if specially drawn. The girl has tried to move from there as quick as she can.

The girl has learned to not break off vital connection: " now they thin as the  "elastic band" connecting mentality and the organism with a terrestrial life, and returning back ". Operating by teleportations energy of the organism, the girl has understood, that they is not just turning back during returning of the person, they turned inside out and the edge is directed to the nose. The energy needle comes to the initial condition after returning.

The girl started to search the PURE LIGHT soon.

For the last two days several tens of different persons have flown in fron of my sight  (a crystal in the forehead)  - men and women, children and old men - my spiritual relatives, Teachers, Governors of the worlds and planets, Gods. I looked in to the eyes to each of them. And  I saw both Light, and Darkness beside in their eyes. I cannot  explain correctly why it's so, but it is so. I do not know their names, I had no time to talk to each one of them, to ask about it - everything were changing too quickly. And from this kaleidoscope of different faces, eyes and the worlds, my head began to sweam(physically, about 40 minutes after  beginning of searching of the PURE LIGHT), then I had nausea (seasickness). And I  decided to continue next day...

So, I have set the purpose: to find Primeval Light which does not contain anything Dark in itself. And my remote look began to search.

The first image was the world of the boy about 8-10 years old (it was my spiritual brother, by the likeness of an origin of our individuality), blond with bright blue eyes, in black-and-white flannelette shirt. The surroundings was as in an old American western, in a deserted streets of old city, alot of  dust, a stone roadway, low 1-2 floor wooden houses. And impression was like  the city is absolutely empty - there is nobody except the boy. The buildings, streets, and the squears are empty. I looked in to his eyes and I saw the Light, and then I began to peer into more deeply, I passed some side and have failed in Darkness, it was in his eyes … And I went further.

There was one more bright  impression - the formless world of dome-shaped jellyfishes, I did not find any eyes there even.

There was a world where I saw the brightly - yellow cat's eyes burning in Darkness, a little bit blinked, with a vertical black narrow pupil. There was the Ligth and the Darknes beside in the eyes too.

There was the bright light world. As the throne was hung in the air. The man of average years sat on the throne, and the rising sun shine behind the throne. I cannot precisely tell - I see the man in a beams of the sun or the man radiates the light himself. The eyes of the man radiated light  themselves. The solar throne with its governor I have named Ra, the God of the Sun. And then I looked in to the eyes of Ra god.

 There were the Light and the Darkness beside in the eyes too.
One of the last bright and remembered worlds was the World of Ideas white like milk (… I have found one which most corresponds to requirements of the Light - the white - white world. Sometimes it is a milky fog, then this fog dissipates and the Light also becomes transparent, then the milky white fog is condensed again … And then some multi-coloured moving strings have appeared  in this white world. The governor who was looks like his spiritual instuctor I'v met him during the course "ability of the person" was in this world too. I felt that it was the image of the person without age. The blinding light came from him and everything lost in this light. The Light and the Darkness was in his eyes too...


It's very diffucult to describe all this. There is no many concepts describing deep and multivariate Space in our language. There were more than five or ten of the the worlds ,  and they flashed with the big speed: several tens of different persons  - men and women, children and old men - my spiritual relatives, Teachers, Governors of the worlds and planets, Gods; I looked in to the eyes and search the Intolerable Light. I was not going to talk and meet with them. Probably, I have defined the purpose a little bit  incorrectly  and that's why I had for  kaleidoscope  instead of search.

And then I saw the Pitch Darkness. Empty dark space - where is nothing except of outer darkness, alive Darkness. And … the Spark. It burned in the middle of this surrounding Darkness. The energy needle on a tip of nose (I shall tell also, that the needle all the time during my searches was  active, from the very beginning, and when I have realized, that I  found what I was searching for a long time, I just had  to set  the purpose only and everything would take place itself) the energy got away … I fly there, to it. For some instants the stars  turned in to long direct beams. And  I was near her. And she was … All and nothing. We just were together. And then I  combined palms as a boat and stretched forward, to her. Only the boat of my palms were seen in the surrounding darkness and the Sparkle above them!!! The spark of Light and  Life has come nearer to my palms and has almost lain to my hands. It gave me the warm and Light. Then the energy on the tip on nose  became more active and turned inside and I have returned to the Earth. The GIFT  which was given to me by her is - SENSUALITY and SENSITIVITY.

And the last. I heard and saw today thousand of voices of inhabitans of the universe but did not fly. They told  me that to  to see the Spark of Light is practically impossible and they were surprised and admired  that it was possible to me. They called me to visit them …


It is necessary to add, that there was alot of similar in my researches and  in researches of the girl. It is how the organism works during the teleportation, it is a way of searching  of the PURE LIGHT. It is the world of Idea which is the clouds consisting of strings the ideas is flowing on. It is the Spiritual Teachers. At last, existence of the Alive Darkness where the monad "I" lives or the Alive Spark, creator of our universe. Really, to see physically  and receive benediction from the Creator  is impossible. And inhabitants of the universe is treat to the event as to a miracle...

The conclusion for the received results: it's necessary to continue the researches about opportunities of the person.

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