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Main » 2008 » December » 8 » Who and what is god in the reality?
Who and what is god in the reality?
7:24 PM


2. SOUL .

Let's quote the citation of saint John Damaskin:

Soul - the immortal spiritual beginning created by the God.

The soul - is creature alive, simple and incorporeal; invisible, by the nature, corporal eyes; immortal, gifted with reason and the mind, do not have the certain figure; it operates by means of an organic body and gives it a life, increase, feeling and force of a birth.

The Mind is belongs to the soul, not as something another, distinct from it, but as the cleanest part of it. Like the eye in the body, also the mind in the soul.

The soul is free creature, possessing  by the ability of the desire and the acting; it is accessible to change and, to change from the side of will as it is peculiar to the creature.

Here the Christian understanding " what is soul " comes to the end. Obviously, there is no direction and rules of the soul research in such definition. Could you tell: what to do to the person in that case? By the Christian: how to be rescued? How the soul is accessible to the changes?

Let to give the results of psychophysical researches in a counterbalance.The face of GOD

The soul of the God is connected with energy of  his intimate center. One part of soul's energy direct to filling of the 10mega space: above the limits of the universe. Energy have precise set of steady connections; energoinformational  exchange between 10mega space and the God occurs on its basis. The second part of the energy go into the depth of  organism of the God and fills the space of the negative order of regularity or 10-L.  It is possible to realize, that there is an infinity of the different universes inside the heart, taking place on different horizons of space - time where the nations, civilizations, universe  live and  die. The universe is exist in some limited interval of the extent space and time. They differ from the universe of our Creator. And between the intervals of a life there is a wide layer of Chaos or a protogenic matter. There is it's own logos for every nanouniverse. And together they create a wisdom for the left heart center. As for the right heart center the depth from a chasm of horizons of the universes lost by consciousness is born. We can go more deeply and more deeply in a universe, 10-100, 10-1000… 10-70000 м, and even more deeply but everywhere there will be occupied worlds.


The energy, penetrating into the depth of matter, have the certain structure and carry out functions of extraction of a nutritious material for growth of the first part soul energy.

 The top part  carries out a role of construction of a soul and body structure and the soul's roots. The formed set of steady connections of the soul objects, provides its integrity and identity to itself. It is penetrate to the external and internal spaces, their parallel layers, above the God, and into depth of a matter.

At last, the formed structure keeps the basic properties at various external and internal changes and is multivariate. If to consider a logarithmic scale, i.e. 10L then L is a unit of measurements of space of the heart center where +L is 10mega space, and-L is a 10micro space. The structure can be compared with Tree which has a stalk or branches and a root, measured by the units L. The name of structure is a Tree of Lives or the Tree of the Eternity. Leaves of the Tree breathe with emotions of the external world (the contents of the undeveloped souls of essences), negative are processed (this is the sense of a purgatory of souls) and return in an environment.

 Special object of the Tree is its fruits and the seed. These are fruits of mutual relations with world around. If the seed will fall in a fertile soil, the ground is the heart center of reasonable essences, then the reasonable essence has opportunity to give birth the own Tree of Lives and to penetrate deeply into a matter of the World.

 In horizon of life of the Life Tree there are objects as stars, the sun, clouds, stones in ground, springs... All these objects are an interrelation with souls of other gods. Through such multivariate interrelations and their independence of time and space lay a way from one god to another. So, there is an ability to adjoin to others life throug the heart center. On the basis of a name of the god and his space essence (race) the map of multivariate space is made.

The wisdom and the depth of space is taken through the soul. Spiritual hands are formed of the same worlds with the help of energy flow in heart of the God, for example, hands of the deep Creator (at the consent and desire of demiurge). This pair of hands named hands of power. It is possible to form the hands of power of the god of the high universes, in sense, for example, electron there is biger than our elementary particle in 10L times. The god can be multihand. All these hands are spiritual or quantum. With help of it God is able to learn surrounding substance on any interval: scanty, an elementary particle, a bowels of the sun, the universe, other. These are anthropogenous researches.

Not those fictitious researches of a modern science with the help of microscopes and accelerators of particles. So, the organs of work of the God develop.

At last, due to interrelation with other creators our Logos shows many-sides.

 Speaking about many-side the assembly or set of people is meant: very big and various, in one physical body.  As it has been told above, due to connection through the space of Logos with others demiurges, the last are able to show the person from the layer of a life in local horizon of a life, in this case to look in the universe. Such interaction will look like that from the basis of neck of Logos the quantum faces appears. Logos of our universe has set of faces. With many-side of demiurges the polyphony is connected. By the way, it is distinctive feature of speech of our Logos, which words say thousand voices which cannot be confused with any other voice in the universe. 

With the help of soul's energy which are carried out through the petals of the left and right heart in mentality of the God as the quantum field of wings is formed. Wings are not a organs for flying. They carry out the function of change of moral emotional mood of the population of the universe. Logos is able to form a biofield of the following wings: а) wings of kindness, remind wings of a bird, their size in the opened condition achieves 4-5 meters; б) wings of romanticism (lightnes, you are flying instead of walking), it's looks like dragonflies wings, achieve the size of 2-3 meters, they are above the first; в) wings of love which are similar to wings of the butterfly, their scope is 2-4 meters, they are under wings of kindness; г) ashy color wings which blow out the doubts, their scope is 2-3 meters, they are even below... Moving of the wings is changing the energoinformational conditions around of Logos according to their quality: KINDNESS, ROMANTICISM, LOVE, CLEARNESS.

 And not on meters and not on parsecs, but on millions light years, maybe even more. The complete form of a reaction to life of a world's population and the general condition of their experiences in this case changes. Usually, Logos generates the independent, winged, aeriform (or quantum) essences which carry out a role of his heralds and angels. It is obvious, that non-uniform sphere of mood, reaching from the dismembered  general vital "tone" of alive essences of the universe (the "raised" or "suppressed" mood) up to such distinctly expressed forms as, for example, boredom, grief, fear, despair or, on the contrary, pleasure, the hope, enthusiasm, will be polarized. Even one angel, can affect to the star world, that the general mood of citizens will change and there will be an evolutionary revolution which will shake the world.


3. Organism of the God

ORGANISM (from a latin - I arrange, I inform a harmonous view) this alive essence possessing set of qualities and properties, distinguishing him from the lifeless matter, independent from "I" and soul. The majority of the organisms has a cellular structure. The organism of the God, except for a cellular structure, has quantum structure which is formed by nervous system and mentality which is able to self-management or independent any organized activity in management of universal qualities and the phenomena.

Speaking about the basic qualities and properties of the God the Christianity allocates five natural and five moral qualities. What do not find conformity in the universe created by Him are considered as natural qualities. These qualities are inherent only to the God. Moral qualities are those with which help He carries out the domination. (Qualities of the God see above).   



Natural qualities of the God:


Moral qualities of the God:


ETERNITY (Psalm 89:3). The god existed always, and will exist. The god has no the beginnings and the end of the existence. He is eternal.


SANCTITY (Psalm 144:17). The god is perfect in all. It distinguishes Him from His creation and due to this He is indefinitely great. The sanctity specifies that precise distinction or a distance separating us from the God. He is - perfection, and we are not. In sanctity it is shown  cleanliness of the God. He is deprived of everything, that can be considered malicious or dirty. There is nothing in the God, that would not be piously.


INVARIANCE (Psalm 102:26-27). Essence and qualities of the God do not vary, because god cannot become better, he is already perfect in all completeness.


RIGHTEOUSNESS (Psalm 98:4). The god fairly handle with us, with His creations.  Divine Righteousness  is caused by His sanctity. He rules fairly and issues fair laws which we are obliged to observe.


OMNIPOTENCE (life 1:1-3). The god is limited to nothing in the actions, except for the self-restrictions laying in His nature. For example, the God cannot sin, because  he is holy.


LOVE (Ioan.3:16). The god is love because he is not lonely, He is triunuque. Father and the Son and the Sacred spirit stay in the perfect love to each other and are simultaneously uniform. The god also loves  us people, his creation. The god loves us and wants, that we loved Him. Not because He is requires in our love and that we became a part of His love.


ALL-SEENG (Psalm 146:4-5). Knowledge of the God are perfect and allambient. The past, the present and the future lays in front of Him as on a palm. Everything, that possible to know, He knows.


MERCY (Psalm 102:8-18). It is as logic continuation of His love. We should understand that to deserve His mercy  is impossible. Like it's impossible to deserve something else: love and a pardon, etc.


OMNIPRESENCE (the Life. 28 : 15-16). The god is uniquitous. However from the very beginning it is necessary to note, that omnipresence of the God has no anything similar with pantheism. Pantheism (polytheism) asserts, that the God is present everywhere and especialy in the nature. The god is the nature, the nature is a God. But this is mistake. Omnipresence of  the God consists in the following: the God is uniquitous, but is not the nature. He stands  above it (transcendence). There is no such place where would be no God. Being immense, He fills himself in all universe. The God is present at any place entirely, instead of any one part. Father, the Son and Spirit Sacred always are present together.


FIDELITY (the Outcome 34:6). God's Fidelity means, that we can rely on him, His word. We can trust Him unconditionally, not arguing on, whether the God  can make something - or whether not. There can be no doubt about Fidelity of the God.



Proceeding from this definition the Christian Church concludes in a theme about the God what the God waits from us -  people. The god waits from us for belief, love, obedience and readiness for service to Him. He wants us to trust Him. In belief we achieve validity, valued by Him, we geting disposal and His favour. Without belief it is impossible to please the God. He expects love from us, so also that we have given ourselves to Him totaly. The god wants us to live in obedience  under His law which is written down in our hearts. And also he wants us to be ready to serve Him...

In a counterbalance we shall result 19 qualities of the God which express essential definiteness of an organism due to which He is it, but not other. Due to such set of qualities, ability of the God to satisfy to the universal and personal needs of each inhabitant is caused.


MORALS: ethics, universal memory, ecstasy, humour, integrity of Logos. More detaile

PLAN of the Logos: management of the ideas, reception of ideas (prays) from the inhabitants of the universe; sending of idea to the inhabitants of the universe; information doubles of the. More detailed

ALL HEARING: remote hearing (clear hearing); opportunity to have a conversation through the distance; opportunity of translation of any speech and understanding of it. More in detail

OMNIPRESENCE: teleportation and travel in time. More detailed

ALL SEEING: remote sight and stereovision of object simultaneously from several horizons of its existence; remote sense of smell; autotrophy of the Logos. More detailed  

SENSATION: remote perception and transfer of the feelings; psilocation of the inanimate objects and opening of pathogenic zones. More detailed

WORD: kinds of speech (a nursery, adult, magic, yell, singing, wise, deep, color, radio), management and transformation of it. More detailed

DEFINITION of DANGER. More detailed

FIRST-BORN LIGHT: storage and management of the Light element; creation of Fairy tales and wanderings in their horizon. More detailed

OMNIPOTENCE AND MANAGEMENT of the MATTER: various types psychokinesis (telekinesis); force of character and health of the Logos;  birth of archangels or similar to. More detailed

SURVIVAL SUIT for ability to live of the physical organism of the Logos in an excited environment. More detailed

LOVE AND FIDELITY:  control of the Intention's energy, of the Youth (Beauty), of the Creativity and Love. More detailed

SANCTITY AND RIGHTEOUSNES: management of the eneregy of Belief, Knowledge and Belief. More detailed

ADJUSTMENT of the ORGANISM: reception of the energy from the Space. More detailed

NEGATIVE OPPORTUNITIES of the GOD or ability of the Devil. More detailed

Pass opportunities of the hands palms. More detailed

Some opportunities of the God's footstep. More detailed

ETERNITY AND INVARIANCE: polyorgan of the God or the opportunity "to fabricate" the organs of the organism (to live eternally). More detailed



In the conclusion we shall note: "the God has created free essences which freedom reached and reaches  boundless, by the image and the similarity. Free essences are free to form their spirit  and we are witnesses of that in our present, and people who lived in all times, and the spiritual essences having life when was no time". The listed above 19 qualities of the GOD are made on the basis of researches of opportunities of the person and his God liknes.  And He sees meaning of the life in the freedom and movement of our original "I" which comes to the end with a birth of the new universe and occurrence of the new Creator.

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