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Main » 2008 » December » 8 » What is the tricky center?
What is the tricky center?
9:15 PM
What is the tricky center?
Comment: There is a tricky part of the brain between the brows (in sanscrit – ajna) having millions of synapses; the signal transmission through them is in hundreds of times higher than in the periphery of the nervous system (see Illustrations 6). Interacting with the external reality, the flows of this part of the brain (hereinafter called ‘nerve flows’) enter the frontal part of the brain and form images of a distant object.

The tricky perception appears when the man enters into a resonance interaction with a distant object.  If there’s no resonance, then the tricky center remains tense. Here the mind can work substituting associative chains. If we consider them as the real state, then the tension of the nervous system increases and gives rise to the feeling of dissatisfaction. We reject or try to disregard mental associations looking for the mental state in which the tension in the nervous center disappears.  And here the tension disappears. At the same time the picture of an object is formed in the mind. And this is the ‘man – distant object’ resonance. It is this picture that we trust as the real state of things. It is this vision the students get familiarized with at the lectures of the College. We’ll speak about other levels of perception at our next lectures.
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2 Juhi  
what is grass sseincks in horses caused by?grass sseincks disease acute / Chronic causes death symptoms sweating extended bowels muscle tremors death

1 Nadya  
A tricky part of the brain between the brows can be also called The Therd Eye.

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