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Main » 2008 » December » 8 » Once again about the courses fee
Once again about the courses fee
9:18 PM
Certainly, I touched the topic of the education fee by no chance. I’ve given much thought about it yet prior our correspondence in the perspective that I try to reach certain stages in self-perfection myself, and thinking about perspectives, of course, I speculated about what I could do for others afterwards. My conclusion was as follows: not having any teaching talent (to my mind) I would necessarily organize and finance schools similar to your idea. And I think that I’m not the only one – so clever and generous, therefore one of the financing sources (and maybe the main one) of your School is, probably, sponsorship. Although it’ll be certainly easier and faster to obtain money from potential students.
As for the electronic version of the College, I regard the perception of the material based on my personal experience rather skeptically (but it’s only my personal opinion and my personal experience). Although again, evaluating the financial side of the project – it can be successful. In my opinion, the electronic version would be useful for the current students as a manual.

Comment: Sponsorship is the acknowledgement of the trend of an author’s or collective search. It allows working more fruitfully and making big plans. As for the College, it allows to regard the courses payment more flexibly and the fee can be partially excluded for the majority of the students’ groups. I agree with you. Such a source of financing is the most correct solution for the activity of an author (authors). I think that there’ll appear a sponsor for Allig Ter sooner or later.
For now the main source of income is manual work.
As for the electronic version of the College, in my last message I wrote that the product was meant for sale. I expressed myself incorrectly. The electronic version of the College is, primarily, created open for internet users and for the opportunity to improve the knowledge on the question-answer basis continuously. Sale of the electronic book is possible in distant prospect.

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