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Main » 2008 » December » 8 » Once again about the copyright
Once again about the copyright
8:39 PM
I.e. you made all the schemes and pictures of the energy flows in the man, didn’t you? Let me ask you a question – are you a Seeing? And here it is, I found in your materials …
“Up till now it has been considered that the man has five organs of physical perception. Now the time has come to draw attention to self being guided by spiritual and scientific rationalism. Such a stratum of the human culture as the Aryan speaks about the perception through other channels. We find a mentioning about it in the Semitic culture, too, from which the history of Christianity starts. The Hindu culture about the nerve plexuses tells about lotuses, chakras, padmas awakening of which results in their more active states and which is shown in the discovery of the ability corresponding to the lotus …”
You copied the pictures from some book, didn’t you? If yes, then the book is good and tell me its title, I’ll read it.

Comment: You ask about the pictures and materials. The answer is as follows: they are made by the author and you’ll find them nowhere. Why are you surprised?
I should add that spiritual achievements were obtained in specific investigations of the consciousness, soul and organism without any teacher-yogi or mentor-monk, they were not read from the Bible or Vedas, and they were not obtained in the schools of theosophy or psychoanalysis.
At the same time you won’t find any deeper definitions of “MAN’S Abilities” now.
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