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Labor, Rest and Nervous System Management
Human Development
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Main » 2008 » December » 8 » Is it possible to recover the functions of the central nervous system?
Is it possible to recover the functions of the central nervous system?
8:51 PM
Unfortunately, despair brought me to your site. The thing is that I’m very ill. My miserable organism was exposed to the influence of manganese crystals for a long time, and as a result such changes took place in it (in my organism) that I’m afraid to write about it. No medicine helps, and as I said above, I’m desperate to recover my health again.
Little by little, I came to the conclusion that the person is a complicated system, I’d even say, a complicated set of information and not just skin, organs and bones. Your site strengthened finally my reasoning about the fact that no expensive medical drugs would cure the disease, and only the person himself/herself will be able to help himself/herself (with the help of Divine Force, of course). In this connection, I have a favor to ask of you – please write if it’s possible to recover the work functions of the cerebellum, cerebral cortex and recover the sub-cortical changes of the brain?

Comment: You need to set the goal in front of you: “How to renew the organism in practice”. Running ahead I’ll point out that it means conscious management of the nerve flows of the spinal cord. It’s you who will open it.
And beforehand you need to activate your nervous system quickly. It takes a usual person 2-3 weeks of the College studies. It happens all of a sudden. Suddenly the person feels that there’s no bone in the cranium in the vertex, there’s literally a hole and one can push a branch through it. It means the setup of the whole nervous system to the healthy mode. It testifies about the setup of the psyche as well as about the correct completion of the tasks. See  What testifies about the correct line of inner work?
Forget about the provided examples so that they wouldn’t disturb you.
Some of the first exercises will be the similar to the ones other people do. Doing them you’ll understand how subtle or shattered your psyche is; in brief, you’ll define the state of your psyche. Then you’ll switch to your individual schedule. Although you’ll still find general regulations and achievements with other people. It speaks about the universality of the education – teaching to manage the nervous system and psyche.

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