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Labor, Rest and Nervous System Management
Develop Psychic Abilities
We are learning how to safely manage the nerve currents
Lecture One. How to choose a goal?
Lecture Two. What can I do to achieve the goal?
Lecture Four. What interferes the management of the nervous system and internal work?
Correct direction
Lecture Five. What testifies about the correct line of inner work?
Silent state
Lecture Six. How to develop silent mental state? What is the flaw in character?
Lecture Seven. How to use the nervous system for the criterion of the relationship with God? (with illustrations)
Lecture Eight. Definition of “what Man is” and what role does “I” play for the nervous system?
The Thought
Lecture Nine. How does the nervous system of the man (psyche) accept and formulate a THOUGHT? (with illustrations)
Visual images in the mind
Lecture Ten. Tricky nerve plexus as the criterion of intuition (with illustrations)
Sounds of mind
Lecture Twelve. Temporal nerve plexus as the criterion of intuition or remote hearing
Reason and the goal
Lecture Thirteen. What gives the first triad nerve centers to achieve your goal?
Spiritual helpers
Lecture Fifteen. Search for the answer ‘Who is the near spiritual helper for you?’ on the basis of the first triad of the nerve centers responsible for the sensing criterion and ‘I am’
The speech
Lecture Sixteen. How does the throat nerve plexus influence the speech? Opportunity to get rid of tuberculosis (with illustrations)
Lecture Seventeen. How to change the type of relationship on the basis of cardiac nerve center? Improving cardiovascular activity
The epigastric center
Lecture Eighteen. Research of the epigastric center functions range – from sensing of energy fields to their management
Lecture Nineteen. The negative and positive effects of prostate nerve plexus on the psyche. Bright type of Love
Lecture Twenty. What does the sacral nerve plexus responsible for? Management of the mental state of “knowledge, faith and conviction”
Lecture Twenty-One. Criteria for managing events (events) on the basis of the nervous system
Examination: the 1st relaxation method of LONGEVITY on the basis of the prostatic center functions
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Lecture 8. Definition «What is the Man (Human)? What the role of a monad "I" for the nervous system is?
This   lesson  with detection and finding of a monad "I" is connected,  to distinguish  (to disseminate) energy of the nervous system and positively to manage the latent possibilities of an organism further allows. Before we will make definition "What  is a Man". 

The MAN is the social creation, possessing a physical organism, soul and "I". Let's talk about components of the Man.

The first compound - the Organism. The organism is a potential of not opened possibilities, body of work and "tool factory" in which to construct everything it is possible. The atlas of possibilities of a human body is applied.
How to open abilities of an organism - it is applied   
The sense  of  a physical body abilities opening, is  a task setting, accent of mind and  of  an organism reactions hearing. According to goal-setting, the nervous centre (organ) strains. Further internal work consists in search of such mental condition when pressure in the nervous centre disappears.  During this moment there comes a resonance between an organism and a certain sphere of existence  (reality, being, life). There is a phenomenon which in a usual life it is possible to name wonder (miracle). Thereby, the nervous system (organ) as criterion of interaction the Man-Nature acts. It is obvious, to operate mentality, preliminary adjustment which consists in performance of lessons № 1-7,  is necessary. The list of functions of the basic nervous centres  in 1st lecture is give.

The second compound - Soul. If to speak about a Soul then we will notice,
that on an extent 2-uh millenia the Christian Church speaks about  of man's salvation and about the Eternal Garden bliss. About salvation and Garden of the Eden! Clearly - to speak about a subject, especially in such value for all culture of mankind, it's  should be known. Especially, for Church it is area of It’s action and sacraments. What knows Church about the salvation? In Orthodoxy soul definition by prelate Athanasius the Great was given: "the Soul is entity clever, incorporeal, passionless, immortal". Prelate Grigory Nissky has added definition: " The soul is entity born, entity lively, clever, imparting itself vital force to an organic and sensual body ". In both definitions of a soul it is named by entity (ousia), that is it is not only body function, its ability, feeling, display, but has independent existence. How you think, whether the Christian Church has answered a question  “what there   human soul is? ”Or this all same definition idem per idem, - lat.  " ditto through ditto", or empty identical words?
Unfortunately, the human culture does not yet create  a paradigm of  the mental
phenomena. Also it is necessary to tell, that to explain the modern language, the SOUL phenomenon is not simply. From the present psychophysical researches it is received, that the soul is "multidimensional structure" which 1) goes deep deep into matters to the scanty; 2) extends over the person far-far to infinity; 3) communication through the heart is carried out. The factor (or the phenomenon) which gets into different horizons of existence of a matter and a life, allows to realise multidimensionality to take energy from space to adjoin to other souls, acts the TREE. Tree roots differ on type and a rule of mutual relations: the relation to children; family mutual relations; the relation to a planet the Earth; definition of correct relations to all live in the Universe (in ours or in that which is cogitable), to reasonable and not to reasonable beings of the populated  planets; another.
Tree leaves eat emotions of inhabitants of megaspace. In own World of the Tree (or souls) subjects as springs, stones, clouds, the Moon, the Sun, stars and some other phenomena is a communication and pass to other soul.  Appearing in other soul, see other World of Eternity here again, it is possible to get acquainted with its person-owner and to rise in its own physical world.

For example, to get acquainted with Mother-earth. If the person accepts the impracticable relation to surrounding and to the Future then the Tree, which is compressed, strains, and suddenly the Winter can begin. As physical appearance of existence of Eden  garden,  pressure and a pain of physical heart acts. Jesus Christ spoke about Eden garden  in human heart. There is a practice "to Grow the Threshold Tree" from anakhata chakra (the heart centre) in a chi kung. There is Tree Kalpa in the Vedas.
Thus, the small person can be proportional infinitely small and infinitely big. The 2nd course of University, and  about Garden Eden researches in detail see.

Let's pass to the third component - a monad "I".
"I" am a unique original monad of separate creation, contrast of the general, collective and group. Has structure and differs on:
  1. Earth "I" which with self-identity is connected, with last experience, with a personal body and with own actions; it is in a broad sense  by "trajectory" of action of a perishable organism described.
  2. Original (true, the higher, same atma) "I" which is expressed as Light Spark. Light Spark is decentered and independent object from an organism and soul; acts as a global criterion of Light and Darkness, the Order and Chaos, Good and Harm, distinction external energys. It's zero-dimentional  object, with other monads "I" through the fact of general birth or spiritual relationship interconnected. Evolution "I" is connected with accumulation of internal energy by the sincerity,  by original feelings expressed, truthfulness and frankness. After achievement of critical energy from the Spark, the Universe is born. The new Universe is own, it has similar laws of that Universe in which there is a person, but differs the purpose of its existence, and it  as creation of the Person acts.
From elucidation of a monad "I" will pass to etymology of a Christian word "God". In Russian and in other languages of a slavic origin concerning to Indo-European  group, the word "God", as linguists consider, to Sanskrit bhaga  is related, that means "endowing, allotating", in turn  from bhagas - "property", "happiness" deriving . To speak about initial sense of the bible God, obviously,  to the roots, connected with Jews, during an epoch after the Babylon captivity address. This word "Yahweh" means from the first person of a verb ehieh - "I am is". What the Christian Church about Yahweh or "I am is" can tell? Nothing! Moreover, in 325 year I Universal Cathedral has formulated the Christian doctrine, and word Yahweh from the bible text has been cleaned. The sense of Christian precepts has been changed. For example, the first precept: " I am is your Lord  God, and there will be no for you other gods, except Me", in a correct variant It sound “I - I am yours  is, let will not be at you others "I am is", except "I am is" ”.

Let's give references to materials on the given question:  
Monad "I"
I am, monad
- (Automatische Translator)
Mental phenomena of identity - (Automatische Translator)

Monad "I am" LEARNING: to find in yourself LIGHT SPARK. We put the purpose to find "I" in private world. Mind we accent. Means, that we disconnect all representations of mind. Internal darkness will be established. In it we search for Light point. If mind (representations) will be to work, then after learning  there an unsatisfied mental condition will be.  After real activity - there will be a feeling of performance of internal work. To open completely you cannot, since then and there in you, through the nervous centres and bodies will pour down dark energy which then will cause illnesses. But you search and search in yourself for the Sparkle. It is a small point of Light. Detection of a monad "I" is helped by thoughts from Logos, which lesson   by you has been passed (the seventh lesson). After you have found in yourselves Light Spark, place It in any site of an organism, it is better in top (this beginning of an oblong brain). Energy of Chaos now cannot influence or join on you an organism.

RESULTS: In this occupation you find "I". Now you will be capable to measure the every possible and various phenomena proceeding in an organism and a soul for example, to distinguish negative influence energy on the nervous centres (and bodies). And the main thing, you can DISSEMINATE "dark" energy in the nervous centres and mentality.
The FORECAST -with what you will disturb, what will prevent and what will help:
  1. Within the next few days to you reasonable force with a monad "I of Chaos" or energy of Chaos will proceed. They will come unexpectedly; will try to enter into mentality through the most developed nervous plexus. To be protected it is possible only for what not to let up these energy in yourself and to find in yourself the Spark which will disseminate Darkness (Chaos). The God You will be helped, specifying on the Spark.  If to let in CHAOS then It will bring illness and inability True-lie.
  2. Long internal work which is connected with the external factor (hour, at some people is some days).
  3. In the end of occupation it is marked a headache, rise in temperature is possible.

PS: the Subsequent lessons are connected with positive activization of the nervous centres, as well as acquaintance with rules of psychophysical protection.

Additional materials (Automatische Translator):

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