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Labor, Rest and Nervous System Management
Develop Psychic Abilities
We are learning how to safely manage the nerve currents
Lecture One. How to choose a goal?
Lecture Two. What can I do to achieve the goal?
Lecture Three. Achieving silent mental state at the goal
Lecture Four. What interferes the management of the nervous system and internal work?
Correct direction
Lecture Five. What testifies about the correct line of inner work?
Silent state
Lecture Six. How to develop silent mental state? What is the flaw in character?
Lecture Seven. How to use the nervous system for the criterion of the relationship with God? (with illustrations)
Lecture Eight. Definition of “what Man is” and what role does “I” play for the nervous system?
The Thought
Lecture Nine. How does the nervous system of the man (psyche) accept and formulate a THOUGHT? (with illustrations)
Visual images in the mind
Lecture Ten. Tricky nerve plexus as the criterion of intuition (with illustrations)
Security Perception
Lecture Eleven. Regulation of safety and recovery of intuition. Solar plexus and human curses.
Sounds of mind
Lecture Twelve. Temporal nerve plexus as the criterion of intuition or remote hearing
Reason and the goal
Lecture Thirteen. What gives the first triad nerve centers to achieve your goal?
Safety Regulations
Lecture Fourteen. As nervous system refers to the danger, defenseless and LOSS of INDIVIDUALITY? Treatment of chronic disease (with illustrations)
Spiritual helpers
Lecture Fifteen. Search for the answer ‘Who is the near spiritual helper for you?’ on the basis of the first triad of the nerve centers responsible for the sensing criterion and ‘I am’
The speech
Lecture Sixteen. How does the throat nerve plexus influence the speech? Opportunity to get rid of tuberculosis (with illustrations)
Lecture Seventeen. How to change the type of relationship on the basis of cardiac nerve center? Improving cardiovascular activity
The epigastric center
Lecture Eighteen. Research of the epigastric center functions range – from sensing of energy fields to their management
Lecture Nineteen. The negative and positive effects of prostate nerve plexus on the psyche. Bright type of Love
Lecture Twenty. What does the sacral nerve plexus responsible for? Management of the mental state of “knowledge, faith and conviction”
Lecture Twenty-One. Criteria for managing events (events) on the basis of the nervous system
Examination: the 1st relaxation method of LONGEVITY on the basis of the prostatic center functions
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Main » College of Develop Psychic Abilities » God

Lecture 7. What concretely as the contact with the God criterion can indicate?
Before we will note a possibility of the prepared people among us, simple, ordinary, presence.
In other words, some of us already sensitive which mentality on more thin harmony is adjusted.
The reasons for that can be much: they tried earlier yoga, zen-Buddhism practice, a chi kung, reiki, meditative exercises, Christian contemplation or visited "sorcerers", live in dreams or they have a congenital supersensitivity...
Thus psychophysical reaction of an organism to the goal-setting (any) following: a clod in a throat, pressure of muscles, a prick in epigastric plexus, a pulsation in the tricky centre, pressure in the top part of heart, pressure in temples, pressure with heat in a nape, geometrical shone visions in mind...
It is response of an organism to the goal-setting - wide activization of the nervous system!
In this case some of us over some lessons can jump, which sense is the  mentality adjustment, moral rules acceptance, for example, 10 God's precepts, and in the same way  mentality cleanliness, development and accent of mind.  
And now the important remark of a psychophysical condition of such people: they feel energy, especially dark, women are afraid of darkness, and men - try to avoid it.
In this case they can begin with the seventh lesson and join listeners of School who studies with the first lesson have begun. We continue studie.
Speech will go about the contacts with God criterion research, more exactly, about  mental contact.
It is obvious, that half-mankind uplifts prays, communicates with It, trusts in It. The knowledge of criterion of contact is valuable (important).
This exercise
  1. indicates the existence of one God for Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Kabbaly, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, as well as modern schools;
  2. provides scientific criteria - active currents nervous system that can be measured by physical devices;
  3. you can put an end to religious fanaticism, classifying it as a rejection.

Lesson: The appeal to the God. For example, with the help of a mental condition: "My God, help!" Or:  "what to me to do?" What consider necessary, so and execute, only by means of the speechless condition, used words expressing (last lesson see).
One or two points of a bregma nervous plexus (point 49) will strain. It is the mental answer which as a boundary mental condition can be described, from which strain in the organism are born.

55 -Iindication of integrity function (Function of indication of integrity)
48 - Function of a nimbus synthesis
49 - The person-Logos mental - tie (connection) function
50 - Wield-power function

Further - comprehension. The problem in ourself understanding consists. In correct comprehension of thoughts, pressure disappears. If pressure in a cinciput proceeds and various associations of images come in, then it's not a full mental resonance between you and the God, and coming thoughts you deform. Search for such resonant interaction when you understand thoughts and pressure in the parietal centre completely disappears.

Expected effect: On the appeal to the God  and an emotional shade of mentality depends. For example,
  • On "My God help!" The answer: "All is good... It is the Reality... All works... It is possible to communicate... You not one ... The Huge population of the Universe..."
  • On meditations "How the God loves?" The answer: heat in a breast and heart areas, uncontrollable delightful feeling... It is a gift...
  • On "Who is president Lukashenko for Belarus and his destiny?" The answer: easily, easy, and then uncomfortably and more darkly than previous...
The comment not in favour of Christianity: Station of reception of thoughts (a 49 point) the hierarchy in the Universe is defined. Thoughts only from the Creator of the Universe it accepts. Thoughts from Angels, teachers, "devil", aliens, the persons, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit here cannot come. Only from Logos (Yahweh, the Allah, Vishnu)! And listed above transfer thoughts in other parietal petals or at all  other functions carry out. Such position specifies in dogmatic religious belief in the God the Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in a case when 1 = 3 and 3 = 1, the doctrine about which in 325 year on I Universal Cathedral of Christians has been formulated.

Forecast: What can prevent:
  1. keeping of mental streams from the God is impossible;
  2. you sink in multitude (great number) of thoughts and to understand them you have not time;
  3. distortion of thoughts from Logos by nervious node of nearby Wield-power (50 point), begins.

Additional materials
(Automatische Translator):

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