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Labor, Rest and Nervous System Management
Human Development
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There are various dominants for each of us – Life, Love, Health, implementation of own plans, earn a couple of millions, help a friend, make a super discovery … There are three specific approaches to solve the above-mentioned:


  1. Nervous system management, real management. It means the management of the state of the organism and psyche. Of course, you understand that 90% of all diseases are connected with the nervous system. Not in vain there’s a saying – all diseases appear because of nerves. It is also well-known that longevity, beauty and youth depend not only on the biological and psychological age, but they fall for the management and correction not without the help of certain knowledge in the nervous system field.
  2. These methods are called differently: neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Kandyba state (KS), Sinton, Simoron, further energy and information development (FEID), coding and dianetics methodologies… Psychoanalysts use them … All this is self-suggestion or suggestion. For example, go to a toy shop. Imagine that you are a little child and think what you’d like to buy here. Pleasant surprises can expect you here … (The same thing can be done with soap bubbles). Imagine how much joy you can derive from such a holiday of multi-colored balls and wishes!
  3. Medicines which stimulate and improve memory, antipsychotic drugs which influence the nervous system, beauty treatments, metal-ceramic teeth, viscera and skin transplantation operations … all this is described by one way of life – prosthetics … For example, Madonna looks like a 20-year old girl, and her viscera, as her personal doctors point out, are of a 50-year old woman. 

The second clause is important when in a moment of joy to a sunny day and blue sky a girl is beaten by a dog within an inch of her life. The solution of this problem is connected with her memory – suggestion and self-suggestion sessions are required. The  third trend is also important; for example, plastic surgery after third-degree burns when skin transplantation is required to save the life of a person.

This resource considers neither the second nor the third clauses, and it is dedicated to the third one. These are researches of the borders of the mind activity, control and management of the nervous system. For example, management of the prostatic nerve plexus activity for the harmonious work of the organism systems (recovery).Education in “Develop Psychic Abilities” College is about these issues. Besides, new horizons for researches open – this is the nervous system which is as the third signal system and additional labor organs. Can such a trend be made practical philosophy? Decide.

Goal of the education: we’d most like if the man could live more than 100 years; if there were no religious fanaticism;  if the man were proportional to Cosmos; if the best representatives of the Earth turned out on our satellite; other …

Department of Human Development: QUESTION and ANSWER
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The idea of the organization of the college is undoubtedly productive and interesting, if, of course, it is not dictated only by the desire to earn money on it (probably, that’s not bad, but it’s the question of personal philosophy), and it is noticeable by the fact that you want to make the access to the site materials chargeable.
Comment: The access to the site materials will for ever remain free of any charge. Each person will be able to study them. Moreover, I go on the raz ... Read more »
Category: Human Development | Views: 99239 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (93)

Certainly, I touched the topic of the education fee by no chance. I’ve given much thought about it yet prior our correspondence in the perspective that I try to reach certain stages in self-perfection myself, and thinking about perspectives, of course, I speculated about what I could do for others afterwards. My conclusion was as follows: not having any teaching talent (to my mind) I would necessarily organize and finance schools similar to your idea. And I think that I’m not the only one – so clever and generous, therefore one of the financing sources (and maybe ... Read more »
Category: Human Development | Views: 6179 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (1)

What is the tricky center?
Comment: There is a tricky part of the brain between the brows (in sanscrit – ajna) having millions of synapses; the signal transmission through them is in hundreds of times higher than in the periphery of the nervous system (see Illustrations 6). Interacting with the external reality, the flows of this part of the brain (hereinafter called ‘nerve flows’) enter the frontal part of the brain and form images of a distant object. ... Read more »
Category: Human Development | Views: 5079 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (2)

How to live in this world, not to go crazy and not to die of love?
Comment: The present life which surprises, delights, pleases and gives other positive emotions is determined by the search. The search itself in the broad sense is aspiration to achieve something, to find something and to obtain something new or lost: new information, data, materials, knowledge, intelligence and discovery of new regular patterns. We also call ‘search’ one of the teaching methods ensuring the pos ... Read more »
Category: Human Development | Views: 4939 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (0)

Can very sick people learn it?
Comment: Yes, they can!
Physical pain is destruction and accumulation of destructions in the organism. It’s possible to suspend such a process, and then the natural regeneration process will start. In case the tissue is renewable, your organism will turn back to the normal state. To renew the un-renewable structures, e.g. teeth, you need another approach. See ‘University’ …
On the whole, the stages differ in their duration for people with st ... Read more »
Category: Human Development | Views: 5405 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (3)

Death will come sooner or later, and the universe is not eternal, but :

   1. I’d like to prolong my active life at least till when I’m one hundred years old. The thing is I didn’t implement the planned in my youth, and I’d like to.
   2. I wouldn’t like to have the things accompanying the old age – decrepitude, collapse and decline of mental potential. And when my time is up, ONCE – and that’s all, as if someone turned ... Read more »
Category: Human Development | Views: 5095 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (4)

In other words, do you guarantee a person that in 3-5 months during a repeated examination the doctors will not discover a tumor or at least will state that it became significantly smaller?
If yes, to begin with, I could position this methodology for the solution of oncological problems. There’ll be probably a demand for it, and it’ll be a strong marketing argument for further promotion of the methodology for other purposes too.

Comment: We work with the psyche of the man. B ... Read more »
Category: Human Development | Views: 4551 | Added by: alligater | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (2)

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